In our Prekindergarten Program, your child will spend each day preparing to enter school.  They will focus heavily on language, handwriting, and communication skills, math, and scientific thinking, and creativity.  This program also helps your child develop the emotional self-regulation and social skills that are critical to future academic success.  The children work independently, in small groups, and in large groups practicing the skills they need to do well in each different setting.  Our goal is to help develop the whole child.  We provide many hands-on learning opportunities for each child to enhance their academic growth throughout the year.  

The role of the prekindergarten teacher is unique.  Our teachers identify where the children are in their development and assess what they already know.  Teachers then design the curriculum to integrate children's interests with needed skills.  

During this process, teachers are observing and recording each child's interests and developmental progress.  Through this observation, teachers are ready to meet the individual needs of the children through a variety of engaging experiences.  In a sense, the teacher is bridging one level of understanding to a higher-level of thinking.  Learning is thus a natural result of integrating children's interests with developmentally appropriate curriculum.  

quality care designed with your child in mind
The first years of a child's life are a crucial time when the foundation can be laid for healthy development and a life-long love of learning!  

Quala Care's entire academic program, from Preschool Prep through Prekindergarten, is designed to guide your child through a series of preparatory activities.  The goal of our multi-faceted curriculum is for your child to be emotionally happy, physically healthy, and mentally prepared for success in school!

Children two and up receive morning and afternoon snack at the Center!  We serve 1% milk with snacks and at lunch time.  Monthly snack menus are posted on the classroom Facebook pages and available in the lobby.

Children can be notoriously picky eaters.  Since you know best what your child will eat and enjoy, we ask all parents to pack their child's lunch every day.  Microwaves are available and we are happy to reheat their food!  

Children two and up are also able to go on our many fun and exciting field trips.  We usually go to Sesame Street Live, Disney on Ice, the Circus, the pumpkin patch, and the Zoo to name a few!


As children graduate from preschool prep and enter preschool, Quala Care provides stimulating activities for growing minds!  We work with the children to build a framework of knowledge for future learning.  Our experienced teachers help students meet developmental objectives and milestones through a variety of learning styles.

Children in our Preschool Program study broad topics in interest throughout the year and within these topics explore ways to develop the necessary skills for reading, writing, and other learning goals.  Students are able to construct their own knowledge through hands-on, thought-provoking experiences that challenge children to think.  Learning is driven by their own natural curiosity!

Children learn by doing and Quala Care's Preschool Program engages children in sensory experiences throughout the day!  The program is designed to help each child become self-reliant and independent while also becoming aware of and respecting the needs of others.  The teacher to student ratio is one teacher to every ten students, allowing individual instruction time for each child.


Two year olds are on a mission every day to discover their world.  They are rambunctious, inquisitive, and delightful!  At Quala Care, we understand the reward and challenge of caring for two year olds.  Once your child has turned two, Quala Care's Preschool Prep Program begins.  in a class of twelve, your child is able to begin adjusting to a more structured day.  We provide a variety of enriching activities so your child can learn new skills.  When learning is fun, the sky is the limit!

Curriculum in our Preschool Prep Program allows children to fine tune the many skills they have been developing in their early toddler years.  We incorporate fine and gross motor skills, listening techniques, body awareness, cognitive development, language development, visual stimulus/recognition, and social interaction education.

Children in our Preschool Prep Program are busy learning basic concepts, such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, and colors.  A variety of thematic curriculum units throughout the year allow students to experience content areas such as math, science, language, and social studies.

One of the biggest accomplishments the children make throughout the year is mastering self-toileting skills.  Teachers and parents work together to help children have a positive and successful toilet learning experience.  Hand washing and general hygiene awareness are emphasized in the classroom's bathroom which is equipped with child-sized toilets and sinks.  

Fostering independence is a key element in our Preschool Prep Program.  It is important for caregivers to allow children in this stage of development the opportunity to develop their independence so they can gain confidence in their abilities and build self-esteem.

The children love playing on their separate, protected playground where they may climb, play with toys, and explore the covered sandbox!

At this age, your child may begin receiving center snack in the mornings and afternoons.  Monthly snack menus are posted on the classroom Facebook pages and available in the lobby.  Once they turn two, children may also begin going on our many field trips!


Quala Care offers before and after school care for children enrolled in elementary school.  Full-day care is offered when schools are closed and we have a great summer camp as well!  

The bus for Linthicum Elementary stops right in front of the Center and one of our teachers accompanies the children to the bus stop in the mornings and waits for them there in the afternoons.  After school, the children do their homework and any assigned reading.  A teacher will check their homework and help them with any questions or problems they have.  After that, they are free to play for the rest of the day!  They'll have plenty of outdoor time to participate in various games and sports.  The children also enjoy exploring their creative side with the many arts and crafts materials that are available.  These activities are designed to enhance both their development and self-esteem.